Mosquito Bites Research Paper

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Natural cures for mosquito bites

When a mosquito bites us, we feel itching and scratching. Mosquito is leaving the saliva to feast our blood when it bites us. Mosquitoes can carry many serious diseases. Sometimes is happening not to feel when the mosquito bites you. They are living nasty bump with a persistent itch that can last with days. Mosquitoes are leaving from the human and animal blood. They puncture the skin with their thin, sharp and elongated mouthpart. After they put their mouthpart on your skin, they are sucking up the blood. Puncture is so small and in many cases we do not feel when mosquito bites us. The effects from the mosquito bites can be very annoying and sometimes harmful. When you have bitten by mosquito, then you are
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It is helping to many types of diseases and also is helping to relief you from mosquito bites. That is the main reason why honey is highly recommended from all experts and it is used in different types of lotions for everyday treatment.
 Witch hazel: Witch hazel in conjunction with baking soda can help you against the mosquito bites. When this mixture is applied on the affected areas, it will draw fluid out and reduce the swelling at the bite. Every time is better to use this mixture instead both of this mixture to be used separately.
 Aspirin: Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties. They are helping to control swelling caused by mosquito bites. You should grind a regular aspirin in powder form. Then you should add a few drops of water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas and leave the paste for few hours. Wash this paste with lukewarm water. Another option for you is to wet the affected areas and tub the aspirin over the bite.
 Peppermint poultice: Make a paste from peppermint poultice. You should mash peppermint leaves in a paste and apply this paste on the affected areas for a cooling sensation. Also you can make soothing poultice from plantain, jewelweed or chickweed. If you do not like to use this paste, then you should chew this
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 Apple Cider Vinegar: When you are having mosquito bite, you should apply apple cider vinegar directly to the bump. Also you can take a shower with a very hot tub filled 2 ½ cups of apple cider vinegar and water. Doctors are recommending the organic apple cider vinegar because is more safe for your health.
 A dry bar of soap: When you have mosquito bite, also you can try to rub dry soap on the bitten place. It will give you relief temporary from the itching. After the itch fades away, you should wash it. You should use peppermint soap to have better results.
 Essential oils: Essential oils are good for mosquito bites. There are types of essential oils such as: witch hazel, cedar oil, lavender, neem, rosemary, tea tree etc. You should take a small amount of essential oil that you want to use it and dilute it with water and then apply this mixture directly to the bite.
 Garlic: Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for many diseases. You should rub a piece of raw garlic on the wound. In the first minutes you can feel a small amount of mild burning, but after this period past, you will feel relief from itching. The smell of garlic can also help you to repeal from biting you later, for example when you are out in the hot

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