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Mosquitoes are an ancient group of insects, which have persisted for millions of years. Through the process of evolution, nature has superbly perfected them that they may survive under the most adverse conditions and in a diversity of environments. Nature has succeeded in combining in them certain advantageous characteristics, the combination of which is found in no other groups of insects. If diversity of species, habits, numbers of individual and persistence in geological time are the measures, then mosquitoes are undoubtedly one of the “success groups among insects” of biological evolution (Samuel, 2010).
Mosquitoes are important pests which annoy and bite humans and animals. Mosquitoes belong to the Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Diptera, Suborder Nematocera and Family Culicidae. More than 3,100 species of mosquitoes belonging to 34 genera have been recorded and arranged under three
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A myriad of methods and strategies though available, may not contribute to the total control of vectors unless they are used judiciously and in a sustained manner. Environmental modification and manipulation, biological, genetical and chemical controls are some of the important methods in mosquito control. Chemical control of vectors which involves the use of synthetic or natural toxic organic compounds is the main stay in vector control until now. This is because of the instantaneous knockdown of vector mosquitoes and the subsequent visible decline in the mosquito vector density and disease prevalence. These are used as indoor residual spray, fogging, operations and as larvicides against immatures in mosquito breeding habitats. However prolonged use of these synthetic compounds has been proved to be detrimental. Environmental pollution, contamination of food web, ill effects on non-target organisms, mutagenicity and carcinogenic nature of break down product are some of the causes that are of

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