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Diseases caused by mosquitoes are getting dispersed and going higher and higher. This becomes big problem in the world. In every country, there are many cases of Mosquito bites (Paragraph 6, The researcher wants to find a solution in that problem. The researcher wants to have an alternative source of repelling component for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are insects classified to the group of Diptera, which are True Flies that they have two wings with the difference of that their wings have scales. Female mosquito mouthparts form a long proboscis while in male, they have feathery antennae and do not possess mouthparts for piercing skin (Paragraph 1. Mosquitoes have itchy and irritating bite which are near the dirty places with water just in a ruined backyard. It has also an uncanny ability to sense intentions and leads to fatal swat or accident. Mosquitoes are the carrier of the deadliest diseases and illnesses and they are the number one enemy of public in the fight of infectious disease. Mosquito-borne diseases which caused about millions of deaths over the world and every year. Over 3000 mosquito species are in the world, but the three primary for the responsibility for the spread of…show more content…
The exposure can also reach human when sprayed improperly to the eyes. Humans would be exposed on the water containing DEET in the way of bathing or such necessary that uses water. Although, it is rarely found in soil, which our food comes from, some of the DEET from the food that is planted on the soil contaminated by DEET may enter the digestive tract. Touching contaminated soil, DEET may also enter the body through the skin. However, the levels of DEET in water and air are low (Marcha S.

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