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Zaid Abarder 21700599 Write a 2-3 page essay researching what motion tracking is in terms of visual effects. Differentiate between point and planar tracking and provide scenarios where each will be used. Motivate your choice with research. Motion tracking is a technique whereby the use of computer graphics is used and inserted into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation and motion relative to the objects featured within the shot. Essentially, motion tracking allows the tracking of objects and camera movement within a video shot. (Dobbert, 2005) To begin tracking an object using software such as Adobe After effects/Mocha, one must identify the tracking features within your footage first. The features to look out for are…show more content…
There are numerous different ways to track a motion. A mask tracker is created by drawing a mask around an object to then track only certain objects within a scene. A mask is path drawn over footage in software such as Adobe After Effects that is used as a parameter to alter a layer’s effects and attributes (Foreman, 2011) Motion tracking has evolved over the years and the most common types include Point and Planar tracking. Point Tracking follows one single 2D point within a composition. Tracked points can be used as simple 2D anchors for various media such as texts, logos or simple animated graphics. (Berger, 2016). After Effects (AE) is one of the ideal software programs used for point tracking. The point tracker is a simple and old method of motion tracking which conveniently allows features to be tracked in a scene. AE offers one-point, two-point and four-point tracking- these uses all depend on what exactly it is you want to track. (Seymour, 2004) Single point tracking is used efficiently when following the movement of an object in a frame, usually due to the camera moving left, right, up or

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