Essay On Motivation For Social Work

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My motivation for choosing social work began at the early age of thirteen. My family system has a huge impact on my career choice. My family have always carried great pride from helping others. My parents always taught me that the greatest gift you have is the ability to help others. They have set a phenomenal example for my brother and I to follow. I am a strong believer that everyone has a calling and purpose in life. My purpose is help the less fortunate and people in need. I want to be that light in people’s life in their moments of darkness. I want to improve our societies quality of life. I find no higher gratification than knowing you’re responsible for a person’s happiness. I choose to see the good in people even when they doubt themselves. I want to have a degree that allows me to stand up for human rights and social justice. My current career goal is to obtain my bachelor degree in social work and continue to pursue my master’s degree. I see myself working within the communities; helping those in poverty, suffering from illness, and feeling oppressed. My long term goal is to have a private practice or an organization. An organization that will encourage our future generation to help others…show more content…
As a military wife I am given the opportunity to travel the world. I am honor to make friends and learn different cultures everywhere I go. I find joy in being able to build new relationships outside of my culture. As a social worker I will have the advantage that I’ve learned and work with different cultures. I look at everyone for what we are, humans. All humans deserve respect and the same equal opportunities no matter of their heritages, values, and customs. This is a critical skill to have when working within a diversity of people. As a social worker you need to be fair and impartial with your clients. I believe I will be able to exercise my skills as a social
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