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This chapter reviews a number of relevant literatures underpinning this research. Motivation in English learning, as the key point of this study, is overviewed based on theories from some experts in the first section. Description and explanation of after-school programs and activities, including academic achievement towards motivation of students for learning English, is also reviewed. The reviews from previous studies about students’ motivation in English learning, as the main aspect of this research study, are provided in the last section.
2. 1 The Overview of Motivation in English learning
Motivation is defined differently according to different perspectives. Jafari (2013) states that motivation, according to behaviorist, is an anticipation of reward to acquire positive reinforcement that in this view people’s acts are at the mercy of external forces, while according to constructivists it is different due to situation. In language learning, it is an attempt that learners make for learning a second or foreign language that is because of their needs or desire to learn it (Ellis, 1994).There have been studies focusing on the effects of motivation in learning and theories on the definition of motivation and motivation types have been developed (Öztürk, 2012) but Alderman (2004) delineates that motivation in
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Moreover, motivation as a psychological aspect can influence language proficiency results, but this relationship is one of reciprocal causation because both the positive and the negative learning experiences can influence the student’s motivation to learn (Gardner & MacIntyre,

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