Essay On Mount Everest

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Many mountain climbers risk their own lives and rescuers ' when they try to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. When something goes wrong during their climb, they demand rescue services to help them. Already, there are a large vast of people who have died in the process that perhaps 200 dead bodies still remain on the mountain. Although, 4,000 other people have successfully scaled the mountain which is a good amount. But, since helicopters are increasing because of the several people the rescuers have to save, more money are getting spent. Mountain climbers should not demand rescue services because it 's their fault they are in that place. They should not have gone up there in the first place. There are many reasons…show more content…
Other than money being spent from rescues, climbers should be trained. In an Informational Articles called " Why Everest?", it states that," They may not be skilled enough. Nobody doubts their strength and fitness, but they may not know enough about mountaineering and the hazards that high altitudes present." Climbers can easily die if they aren 't skilled enough. There are bad weather up at Mount Everest, and so a person cannot survive in the zone for more than two days because of the lack of oxygen and the extreme departures. They would have to have a lot of oxygen because not only do they have to climb the mountain, they have to make their way down safely. And so, they would be tired and may have ran low on oxygen already. There are also icy slopes that they may have struggled up of the death zone, the part of the climb above 26,247 feet where the last camp before the summit is located. The problem had been worse by the large number of climbers who want to meet their goal on climbing Everest. Climbing season lasts for about two months and when the winds on the mountain are not as powerful as during the rest of the year, climbers need to leave the last camp by late morning. There are traffic jams when so many of them are in the death zone. So, climbers can be delayed and can suffer exposure, using their precious supplies of oxygen. You have to always be ready especially for
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