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Motion Sensing Technology Introduction Sensor is an instrument which is able to accept and give response to a signal. It is sometimes known as detector and is actually a converter which initially measures the physical quantites and then converts them into a readable signal where the observer or electronic tools can understand. Nowadays, there are many types of sensor which have been introduced in the market, and one of them is motion sensor. Motion sensor is a type of sensing technology which depends on the motion of the object and human being. It can also be named as motion detector and be separated into two types, which are active sensor and passive sensor. Active sensor vs. Passive sensor Active sensor functions by sending signal (burst of light, sound and microwaves) that is reflected by the surroundings and giving essential reaction. The sensing system is activated when there is something moving within the active sensor’s area and the change in signal is reflected to the active sensor. However, passive sensor does not send signal, it functions by detecting the infrared radiation around it. It is very suitable for detecting people’s motion by the temperature of their body because the differences of temperature can be…show more content…
For local motion sensing, infrared light is a spectrum of light where our human eyes cannot see and is sent by the objects when they generate heat. In fact, infrared motion sensor system is very low-priced and trustworthy. The infrared motion sensor detects motion in a given area by using infrared sensing. This technology often allows sensor to only pick up on heat, thus is high sensitive, consuming low cost and often used by people. User can also set the infrared motion sensor to pick up on certain heat levels, to disregard those small animals. Nowadays, a more huge security system usually will use this type of

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