The Pros And Cons Of Entering Prison

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Entering a prison can and will be a culture shock, prison changes you overtime either positive or negatively. If I were to be entering prison for the first time I would have a couple concerns regarding my well-being and safety. From the moment I get arrested I will start prisonization, which is understanding the norms in prison and adjusting to the environment (Clear, Reisig, Cole, 2016). A concern of mine walking into prison is trying not to get too close to other inmates. Going into prison is a scary experience and once you enter typically you do not know anyone. Having a friend in there would help overcome the difficulties of transiting. Despite wanting a friend to cope better, be-friending someone in prison can cause conflicts. Conflicts…show more content…
There are two types of subculture, deprivation and importation. Deprivation is things you learn inside the prison walls, since being deprived from things in prison, prisoners will result to doing these activities. For example, homosexuality rates increase in prisons since the prisoners are being deprived from their heterosexual partners. Another example of deprivation is the power to make decisions, in prison you cannot make most decisions for yourself. Prisoners are given a time to eat, sleep, and do recreational activities. In the T.V series Hard Time, a prisoner explained how he is physically 27 years of age yet thinks like a 16-year-old because of the deprivation of education in prison (Moore, 2009). Importation is skills you acquired before walking into prison. Examples of importation are, a career criminal might distribute goods and services inside the prison as doing crimes is all they know. Fifty years ago, prison subculture was still a thing but a bit different from how it is today. Prison subculture is changing through the decades because the younger prisoners introduce new things and ways of doing something. As long-timers age in prison they recognize how young generations are doing new things and not all of them agree with what they do. An example would be from Hard Time, the long-timer confessed he would not wear his pants below his butt and get tattoos on his face, which newer prisoners
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