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Heritage Architecture of ShahJahanabad Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and architecture during his reign in India, undoubtedly can be stated the most inspiring and motivating kind, which has been admired by Indians and foreign art lovers. Shah Jahan 's Taj Mahal, is not the main reason that is responsible for the architectural prosperity, because, the emperor 's art is not just restricted to the grandeur of Taj itself. Mughal architecture reched its peak during Shah Jahan’s rule. Throughout the Mughal architecture, especially in Shah Jahan’s reign the concepts of visual illusions, courtyards, principles of design such as emphasis, line of axis, symmetry, visual balance… have been explored to the best and have been successful. Despite…show more content…
DELHI GATE - South; leading to Feroz Shah Kotla cricket ground and what was then older habitation of Delhi. The surrounding walls, 12 feet wide and 26 feet tall, were originally made out of mud but later as per commissoned by Shah Jahan they were cladded with red sandstone in 1657. During the Mughal era, the gates were kept locked during nighttime. Those walls largely have disappeared since long, but most of the gates are still very much present. The entire township or the city of Shahjahanabad is still vivid in the satellite image due to its distinct housing which existed as and called as the Mohallas which mean the neighbourhood. people of the city still live in this neighbourhoods. Every caste or religion has its own mohalla which inturn has its own community spaces. The entire cluster of the mohallas lead to the main street further leading to the main road. Every street or two has been accommodated with a prayer space. The streets of old delhi are still one of the the most striking parts. One can feel, sense and experience the ambiguity while passing through the streets. Climate has been effectively taken into consideration while designing the streets. The narrow passages(streets) and the tall buildings along the street make the streets respond to the

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