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What is really unique about Singapore as a multicultural society is that it has four main cultures with several more sub-cultures. Another distinction is that the cultures are so dissimilar from each other. In fact Singapore is, perhaps, the only country in the world where there are several cultures and yet there is no dominant culture. We take pride in the fact that we have more than ten New Year celebrations in Singapore, each celebrated in a way entirely different from the others. The government itself is in full support of any culture and does all it can to promote them all.

Singapore – A Multicultural Society
The different cultures in Singapore are in fact very diverse, and there is slight resemblance between them. We have
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I observed that one of the main issues affecting the processes of the business is cross cultural diversity. Managing people from all walks of life to work together and what makes it difficult to manage is the conflicts. Through my personal experience at workplace, I noticed the common reasons which contribute to the rise of conflicts are lacking of trust and respect for others, attitude of reporting manager and competition of comparison related to the standard of living, the social life of employees, benefits earned as well as work load. Noticed that the frustrations are mainly from the expats when they are not given that much of importance or proving them that they are dispensable to a stage where the organization would not cease to operate or function without them. As a result, this created a conflictual climate the workplace. The situation remains unchanged unless top management give due respect to all employees concerned regardless of colour, race or creed. I learnt that cross culture understanding placed an extremely important role in the international businesses and would cause undesirable outcomes if it is neglected especially in such competitive global market in this

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