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British Stereotypes & Multiculturalism
“On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners“ (Mikes) As Mikes famous quote above suggests, there are many stereotypes about England, especially the United Kingdom. When most people think about Britain, they think of the bad cuisine, the poorly weather conditions, the exaggerated polite etiquette of the British people or that all prude Britons love their national sport, cricket. These stereotypes are only schemata (Erll; Gymnich 73) but Britain is more than that. Its capital London, for example, is a cosmopolitan city which is influenced by various cultures, which settled down there over years; and so do the people immigrate to all over the country. The country represents
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For example, they say, the British cuisine is horrible because the food would be too stale or tasteless (cf. O’Driscoll 183). However, most visitors to Britain are not aware where to find satisfying traditional British food, for instance, they prefer going to canteens or cheap restaurants. British food, in general, contains a long roasting process, like roasted beef with roasted potatoes, which represents a national custom of the British cuisine. Time is not given in such localities above and there often is a mass processing of the eaters (cf. O’Driscoll 183). Moreover, through the British multiculturalism, even the kitchen is influenced by different cultural customs. One can also find international specialties like the Greek moussaka or the Italian lasagna. Characteristically for the mixture of culture in Britain is chicken tikka masala, the latest national dish, in fact before fish and chips (185). Chicken tikka masala is a “combination of roast chicken chunks in a thick sauce” (Skinner 220) with influences of the Indian, Pakistan or Indian cuisine (cf. Skinner 220), which was fitted to the British eating habits (cf. O’Driscoll 185). “What’s true in any case is that international flavors have made culinary life in Britain more varied […]” (Skinner

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