Essay On Multiculturalism In Canada

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The number of immigrants coming to Canada is an average of close to 250,000 per year since 1991. This number is massive and should be decreased because the more immigrants come into the country, the more there will be limited resources for people who are already in the country. Canadian citizens are unable to get a job at even the lowest levels because these spots have been filled by the extreme number of immigrants who will and do actually work for even less income than the minimum wage requirements. Also, increase in immigration will not only increase the chance of separation because of different culture, religions and beliefs, it will also bring about discrimination. Separation is formed when immigrants refuse to speak in the commonly accepted language and resist becoming part of Canadian culture by rejecting to recognize the same holidays and demanding recognition of their own culture. In 2006, Statistics Canada, the official Canadian agency that records population data recorded that 6,186,950 foreign-born people now live in Canada. If this keeps up, Canada will become an over populated country with little or no resource available for its citizens. Canada is a nation of immigrants and…show more content…
Immigration leads to multiculturalism and through multiculturalism, immigrants bring their ineffective lifestyle to make their new setting just like the one that failed them. Increase in immigration leads to a damaged and divided nation where different languages are spoken and where people are in conflict with anyone who is from a different culture, belief or religion. The danger of multiculturalism and reduction in the intake of immigrants should be recognized or Canada will continue down the destructive path to isolated and separate societies
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