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The reason for this is that ‘wrong’ is like pain, alerting the individual to the need for intervention or correction. Like pain, being ‘wrong’ indicates a necessity for an appropriate ‘cure’. Learning is the continuum of two poles, which Piaget (18) and other child experts have pointed out, is often related to a transition from concrete to abstract thinking and proceeds through trial - and - error method, rather than through a child instantly knowing what is ‘right’. The child, who developmentally, has not learned how to look at a problem from various viewpoints, is unlikely to have ready useful referents internalised in his mental schema to make him ready for instant ‘right’ comprehension; a comprehension based very often on teacher expectations,…show more content…
2.4. ‘Interdisciplinary’ – A Definition There appears to be a need to clarify ‘interdisciplinary education’. People appear to confuse ‘multidisciplinary’ and ‘interdisciplinary’ education. Both describe a frequency of subject- disciplines in some sort of association. ‘Multi’ means ‘many’, and ‘inter’ means ‘between’ (‘intra’ means ‘within’). The Dictionary of Education (1) describes ‘multidisciplinary’ as representative of two or more professional disciplines brought together for the purpose of achieving coordinated and complimentary support functions. An ‘interdisciplinary’ course is described as the High School or University utilising subject matter from various fields in the solution of a problem; usually a new topic-centred area for analysis regardless of how it fits the traditional viewpoint. Other terms used are ‘integration of disciplines’ and ‘co-ordination’. It is evident in practice that ‘multidisciplinary’ and ‘interdisciplinary’ are similar. Both types of approaches suggest a system of organisation in which various disciplines are brought together in the solution of a

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