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Multimedia propaganda has been used since the beginning of the 20th century by almost every country to promote a political cause or point of view by “attempt[ing] to influence the emotions, attitudes, or behavior of a group, in order to benefit the sponsor”(1) All forms of propaganda are known for providing biased or misleading information. During World War II, each nation used different techniques to create propaganda posters, movies, and songs. By using negative and positive symbols, respected people, slogans to evoke fear or hatred, and persuasion, countries overall gained public support for the war. The world today still practices the usage of multimedia propaganda, and there is actually such a large production of propaganda that it is…show more content…
Half way through WWII, the original agency was renamed the Office of War Information and pumped out over a hundred propaganda posters. “The committee bombarded foreign media outlets with news, official statements, and features on the war effort” (1). With new advancements in nation communication and technology the Office of War Information spread their multimedia propaganda by producing “leaflets, motion pictures, photographs, cartoons, posters, and signboards to promote its…show more content…
Each poster, radio broadcast, movie, and newspaper that was created to influence the emotions, and attitudes of citizens had an impact on the society of the world. Popular propaganda images of racial slurs or stereotypes would help raise national involvement for World War II, but would also fuel opposing nations hatred. For example, the United States propaganda used harsh, fear driven, and barbaric images of the German person which gathered American support for military members. The controlled production of German propaganda in return, used every image that connected the United States to the horrible, discriminative, and racist actions the nation had throughout it’s

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