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To avoid this narrow cognition of meaning, many fields of studies explore the concept of multimodality and its modes from various perspectives. Thus, there are different approaches that engage in the research of the multimodality defined as “understanding of human meaning making” (ed. Litosseliti, 2010, p. 194). Farther, Rick Iedema (2003) observes that multimodality “provides the means to describe a practice or representation in all its semiotic complexity and richness” (p. 39). Multimodality, at this point, is multidimensional and its modes might be understood differently depending on various planes, like context or situation. Besides, he introduces the very term of resemioticisation. „Resemioticisation is about how meaning making shifts from context…show more content…
Summary In chapter one, there are raised two questions: the definition of multimodality and the attitude to this phenomenon of Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen. Although there is only one appearance which is discussed, there are many approaches to define it. Jewitt (2009) reckons that multimodality consists of many modes and it can be researched from different fields of study, like linguistic or sociology. Following him, O’Halloran and Smith (2012) observe that multimodality may also be examined concerning various cultures, traditions etc. Additionally, Bearne and Wolstencroft (2007) distinguish the division of multimodality into types of mode. What is more, Norris (2004) encapsulate that this phenomenon exists in all interactions and he also gives a definition of a mode (2013) and delineates the concept of interactional awareness (2004). Again, Carrey Jewitt together with Jeff Bezemer (ed. Litosseliti, 2010) refers to the division into two perspectives: social linguistics and social semiotics – to which Halliday (1978) refers as well. They also notice that different modes and their usage are shaped by particular culture and history, just like Iedema (2003) does. He introduces so-called

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