Essay On Multitasking

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Is multitasking bad for your productivity? More than a few years ago, I chanced upon an opportunity to take up a job away from the hullabaloo of city life – teaching in a school set closer to heaven than a petrol station. Being on the mountains of the Western Ghats, electronic anything had a limited influence over my tranquil existence. What of it? Well, I read nearly all the books in the library, sat on the grass for hours quietly, had my meals without a telly in the background and...wrote letters like my Daadi did. That short stint at a monastic life ended as I, literally, and figuratively, descended to my urban lifestyle, crowded with every possible mode of digital distraction. You can hardly be alone, in this modern age. Bombarded with gadgets that fit your palm to the huge screens that have replaced walls, you cannot escape the captivating attraction of being connected, entertained, stimulated and engaged all at the same time! And what happens when your senses are overactive – when you are checking your inbox, a whatsapp message, an SMS, the latest beer commercial, the number of “likes” on your clever status message? You end up being, what is colloquially called, a Multitasker – one who does many things at once. Take this Neilson report on…show more content…
So the danger lies in not just the very time that you are indulging in all your media gadgets, losing out on cognitive control, but research seems to suggest that the danger persists, even after you have powered your phone off...but let's be honest, that almost never happens anyway! Heavy multitaskers seem to have a reduced ACC (Anterior Cingulate Cortex) volume, center that is responsible for executive, cognitive and emotional functions, depending on which part of ACC you are looking
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