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2. Munchkin - as said earlier, a munchkin is the most famous among dwarf breeds. Their very short legs are makes them stand out and unique from other cats. These legs came about due to a natural mutation, and they also have normal body proportions. A munchkin is available in different colors, which gives you more choices in choosing a particular cat that will suit your liking. Their hair can either be long or short too, and they only weigh less than 10 pounds. These really small cats are lively and typically good-natured which makes them a good choice for pets. Despite the abnormal look of their spine due to its curvature, a munchkin is generally healthy. However, a munchkin will not be able to jump as most normal cats do. 3. Singapura - if…show more content…
Oriental - an oriental cat is derived from the siamese. However, it surpasses its ancestor as it can give you more than 600 coat colors giving you a wide variety to choose from. They are even considered as champions when it comes to coat variety due to the wide selection available. An oriental looks quite elegant. In fact, it might be the most elegant cat on this list considering they have long legs, neck and tail. An oriental cat would love to spend more time with you and they are really happy once you give them the chance to do the things that you are doing. This breed is also considered as a very smart breed and is a great companion for other feline…show more content…
American Curl - one distinctive feature of an American curl is its rear-curling ears. This specific ear is very unique and special for the American curl breed alone. The heaviest weight that an American curl can have is a maximum 10 pounds in males, though they often only range at 8 pounds. Females, on the other hand, are lighter in weight compared to the males. They are very true to the subject as one of the smallest cat breed since they never actually grow up. This certain breed has a happy and playful disposition that makes them a really good choice for companionship. They are also great when dealing with children, making them a good family pet. If you want to train your cat too, an American curl would love to know how to fetch and walk on a
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