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Most Productive Muscle Building Exercises

Detailed look at the most potent muscle building exercises, as well as a body part by body part breakdown. Stop wasting time in the gym and start getting results!

Workout is made up of only so many sets and exercises. Constructing a workout without a purpose and without the use of the best available tools will only waste your time.

If you want to gain muscle and strength at the fastest rate possible you will need to choose the best possible exercises.

The following exercises are the best of the best. You will notice that they generally fall into three categories:

1. Barbell Exercises.
2. Dumbbell Exercises.
3. Body weight Exercises.

When you begin to explore the muscle building workouts on Muscle &
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A leg press is not as effective as deep squats. And lat pull downs are nowhere near as effective as pull ups.

The following exercises are considered the top seven. If you're goal is to build muscle, consider adding these to your workouts.

Muscle Building Exercises:


Squats are the king of all muscle and strength building exercises. No workout should be without deep squats.

They are performed with a barbell, generally in a squat rack. Squats not only build massive legs, but also stress most of the upper body.

They are like a hormonal nuclear bomb – destroying the entire body, forcing it to get bigger and stronger with every rep.

Dead lifts:

Second only to squats in effectiveness and a very close second at that, deadlifts are anothermanmaker that will pack on slabs of muscle mass while helping you become as strong as a bear: Like squats, dead lifts are a barbell only exercise:


Dips are often called the upper body squat, and for good reason. Dips work the shoulders, chest and triceps very hard, and are a great overall exercises for building a beefy upper body. Dips should be performed at a parallel bar dipping station.


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