Essay On Muscle Memory

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The muscle you have now was earned one way. The muscle you don't have yet might play by a different set of rules entirely. Here's what they are!

You may have noticed the term muscle memory. The meaning of this term is when you have trained your muscles to grow, they have the ability to regrow after a cutting phase, a longer break or life event. Muscles can be considered “smart”. If a muscle has reached a certain level of fitness, it can easily find its way back to it.

However, it will be challenging to increase your muscle mass further than you have been able to do so before. To succeed in this task, it may be helpful to increase your awareness about the way your muscles “think”. A common mistake of the performance and physique athletes
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Food provides your muscles with important raw materials crucial for their growth.

I could "guarantee" you a 10 pound gain in a week using an overcomplicated approach, but I won't do that. It isn't rocket science, you just need to get as much as you can out of your diet and workout plan.

How to achieve results: It is important to consume plenty of healthy nutrients through your food with multiple meals throughout the day. And as we all know, protein plays an important part in muscle growth. For example you can consume a fast digesting protein shake (like whey protein) post-workout to aid in achieving your goal. My recommendation is that that you use 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight per day, every day, to achieve your optimal muscle growth goal.

Rule number 4: Change out the big things once in a while

Don't fool yourself thinking your muscle tissue isn't smart. It can easily catch up on your routine. You can change the little things often, but after a while, your muscles will catch
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