Essay On Muscle Strain

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In the recent movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) breaks his back in a fight against his enemy, Bane. Batman is then captured and sent to a prison in Asia. There is an old man in the medieval-like prison who helps Batman’s back heal by suspending him by a rope. Although this method is questionable and the back pain most of us are likely to sustain will not be so severe, one may prevent and heal back injuries in several ways.
Back pain is physical suffering or distress as due to an injury, or illness. ( “Muscle strain is a very common cause of back pain…. most are not caused by major factors, such as fracture or chronic illness.” (ACA Today). Muscle strain is damage sustained to a muscle, which includes tearing of the fibers of the muscle or tendons. (Web MD). Lumbar strain is another common cause of back pain. Lumbar strain is an injury of the tendons, ligaments, or muscles of the low back induced by overstretching. ( Other causes of back pain include scoliosis and fibromyalgia. Scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine, and fibromyalgia is a disease that includes muscle fatigue and chronic pain in the muscles and surrounding joints. (
Muscle strain may be caused by many things such as constantly bending, falling, being
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In order to prevent muscle strain, one may maintain proper posture while sitting and standing, exercise regularly, quit smoking, properly lift items, and maintain a healthy body weight. (Spine-Universe). Likewise, these tips will prevent against lumbar strain. Additional steps to prevent lower back pain are sleeping on a firm mattress, sleeping on your back or side, and taking a moment to stretch before getting out of bed. (Spine-Universe). Although it is difficult to prevent fibromyalgia, there are methods to diminish its effects. Those methods will be discussed in the following
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