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Muscular dystrophy is known as a muscle disorder that is not associated with central nerve abnormality. Disease is supposed to attack the muscles that lack fiber in them. The stability of the sarcolemma muscles depends upon the two main elements, these are dystrophin and dystrophin associated glycoproteins. Pathophysiology of the disease has shown that the gene of dystrophin is present on the chromosome X around the locus p21. In addition to this, there are 3685 amino acids present in this muscle. Although the dystrophin gene contributes to only 0.002% of the muscle protein but it plays a huge role in maintaining the muscle integrity and the lack of dystrophin results in the instability of the cells present in the muscles. Studies have shown that dystrophin also functions in the less active form however the functioning might not be correct because of the leakage present between the cells and the muscle tissues (Goemans 2011). In my point of view, the collar bone could be fractured easily after the bike accident. Studies have suggested that the collar bone is known as very thin bone that stretched from the bones in breast to each of the shoulder. The collar bone fracture is known to be extremely painful and…show more content…
Although, it is known as ring worm but the infection is caused by a fungus instead of a worm. It is a common disease and number of preventive measures should be taken to avoid the fungal infection. Some of the preventive measures include the proper hygienic conditions. It is important to wash the hands and to keep the surroundings clean. Studies have shown that dermatophyte infection can spread easily hence it is recommended not to share the hairbrushes, clothing, hats and other wearable materials with the infected person. In addition to this, when a person goes to a barber it is important for the barber to use the sterilized instruments in order to prevent this

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