An Essay On The Muscular System

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The muscular system might be the most important system in the whole entire body. This system helps us digest food and keeps our heart and lungs moving. In the body there are two different types of muscles: the voluntary and involuntary. The muscular system helps you move because it helps your joints move which helps your bones bend.

All of the major organs in this system are the heart, the lungs, and the digestive tracks. The heart is an involuntary muscle which means that we can't control it movement. The lungs are both voluntary and involuntary. This is because when you are awake or conscious you control your breathing but when you are unconscious or asleep your nervous system is what keeps you breathing. The last major organs that this
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The muscular system is very important for everyday life. Without it we wouldn't be able to carry out everyday tasks such as writing this paper or tying our shoes or anything. This system also helps us distribute wastes when our body doesn’t need them anymore, which is important because if the wastes build up the toxins will enter your system the wrong way and it will harm you eventuly.

This system interacts with the many other systems but the main two are the nervous system and the digestive system. The nervous system is what controls the brain and the brain tells us to move certain parts of our bodies without us knowing it, this is how our involuntary muscles move. Now the digestive system is what helps us get some of the energy we need but the muscular system is what moves the food around our digestive track an out of our bodies.

One of the biggest diseases that the muscular system has to deal with is the Iron Maid diseases.This malfunction is where the makeup of your muscles is remade and when they are impacted in a forceful way they turn to bone. This make the patient unable to move and it very slowly creates a pressure on their chest and stomach and makes them unable to do anything ever again. It will very slowly shut down each individual part of you body until you die. For this reason the person that is diagnosed with this type of disease is forced to take life slow and be very
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