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The Holocaust was a indeed a big depression for all Jews. Many people had the courage to help throughout this horrific experience, although some did not succeed with their process, there are many people and organizations that brought Jews freedom. This is an important cause because as badly as Jews wanted and needed help, a lot of them got it. Resistance efforts that were that happened during the Holocaust are significant in many ways and saved many lives, for those reasons the people that helped should be given great appreciation. Not only did the Americans lead Jews to freedom but there are people who already had that idea in mind beforehand.

An organization the was willing to help the Jews is the Museum Of Tolerance in Los Angeles. The man who created the museum is Simon Wiesenthal. He made his own
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It may not seem like it, but the Jewish Documentation Center saved many lives by fighting crime through documents. This process brought many Jews to freedom and shows consequences of action, because a lot of people who went through with the Documentation Center lost their lives trying to help. This organization eventually brought people to stand out and help. But those who did nothing, not only should feel sorry, but should now realize how big of a difference they could have made in someone’s life, missing that opportunity should mean a lot to someone especially in this case.

The Museum of Tolerance, also known as The Jewish Documentation Center, is important for people to remember because it holds very important information and events that were held during the Holocaust. It is very important to not repeat history because causing hurt,pain,and fear in someone’s life isn’t exciting. One day you’ll feel sorry and it’ll eat you up inside and eventually, you won’t even be able to even forgive yourself for what you’ve
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