Essay On Music Therapy

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Music Therapy
Musical therapy is the clinical use of music to achieve individual goals and improve relationships; it is also considered a form of Psychotherapy. Melodies and harmonies are used to transport patients to new and safe places. The sweet rhythms bring peace and relaxation to stressed minds. Self-worth is found between each melodic note, and anxiety and depression are long forgotten. Memories that were once lost are now found, and medication is improved by this one simple healing tool. All these things happen through the healing power of music. Musical therapy needs to be used more often in health care because of the many physical and mental benefits it provides.
Many people benefit from the efforts brought from musical therapy.
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One of which includes sleeping. Sleeping is the body’s way of regenerating to prepare for the next day. Those with trouble sleeping have a harder time with staying active, and productive during the days that follow. There are many ways people choose to help with falling asleep, and musical therapy is definitely at the top of that list. Science has proven that listening to calming music improves sleeping habits that is why it is chosen above other forms of sleep medication (Healing Power of Music). Music helps a person to sleep longer and better. When listening to calm melodies it puts one into a positive frame of mind making them feel more at peace. It gives the patient self-respect and confidence, causing them to look forward to the next day and realize they have a purpose. Also, it improves heart rate and breathing by slowing it down, which makes it easier for one to sleep in a peaceful state (Relaxing Music). Sleep is so important in a person’s life to remain healthy, and musical therapy helps those who struggle with this necessity. It keeps one healthy and prepared for whatever life throws at them. This shows the positive effects provided by musical therapy pertaining to sleep and one’s
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