Essay On Musical Theater Club

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I believe that our school should have a Broadway/Musical Theater Club. Many people ask; “How will this benefit our school?” A Musical Theater/Broadway Club can benefit our school in many ways. One is in history class. Many broadway shows talk about very important events in history. This club would also help with student leadership. With student leaders in the club Finally,this club could help people gain lifelong friends. I believe that a Musical Theater/Broadway Club is a sensational idea because it can help in history class, create student leaders, and help children find friends with the same interests. A Musical Theater/Broadway Club would assist students in history class. The show Hairspray discusses the Civil Rights Movement, Chicago: The Roaring Twenties, Newsies:The Newsboy Strike, Hamilton:the founding of our country, and Les Miserables:The French Revolution. Students could discover…show more content…
It is well known that children who participate in theater together have one of the closest bonds that friends could have. Most of these children have some of the same interests as their peers in the club. Several of my mother’s friends are from her high school theater. Even if these children do not keep in touch after middle school, there are dozens of lonely kids who could find friends. Please consider this club to help out all of the lonely kids. A Broadway/Musical Theater Club would help children in school, leadership, and social aspects of life. This would be different from Drama Club because we would not just be working on acting techniques, we would focus on shows and the story behind them. We would also listen to soundtracks and watch movie versions of the shows. This club would be beneficial, most of the country likes some type of theater with 13.1 million Americans seeing a Broadway show each year. So please, do whatever you can to get this club in
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