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MUSLIM WEDDING “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing. The Holy Quran states that, Marriage is an earnest and spiritual contract between two people. Muslim culture has always held a cardinal frame of conventionalism and uniqueness. Muslim Wedding Culture are clutched under a Special Muslim Personal Law. Muslim culture has strict rules stating, none of the two should be forced into the holy matrimony. The wedding is called as ''Nikah'. The Nikah is under the subsistence of the Maulvi. The Maulvi himself reads the sonnet from the 'Holy Quran'. Further he asks for the proposal from the groom's side and the acceptance from the bride's side. Ijab-e-Qubul, involves the acceptance of the bride in the matter of any gift or the amount of dowry. This will be decided before and has two witnesses.…show more content…
Manjha is nothing,but Haldi (turmeric). The groom's family sends the haldi paste to the bride's family. This paste is applied on the bride's body. The bride wears a yellow dress on this ocassion. After the completion of the ceremony, the paste is spread all over the bride's body. It is done by a married friend of the bride. This married friend will accompany the bride throughout the functions at all times. Great celebration with dance and song is a point of attraction. Mehendi Ceremony The Mehendi Ceremony is an important function in the Muslim customs. The ceremony is at the bride's place or other place. It is occupied on the verge of the wedding or few days before the wedding. In this ceremony, mehendi is applied on the hands and legs of the bride. The other ladies seated there can also apply the mehendi. Mehendi Ceremony is a ladies oriented function. It is accompanied with dance and song. The celebration leads to a festive mood. After this ceremony, the bride is not allowed to step out before marriage. Arrival of the

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