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As a young child, I grew up in the small town of Rangely Colorado. With the population of 2,000 this was one of those towns where everyone knew each other and you either liked them or not. For me it was easy to get along with anybody, everyone I Knew was my friend. As the years went by and I began to get older, who I thought were my best friends soon became strangers. My family and I had just moved to Idaho due to family complications. When I found that I was going to be leaving the only place and people I knew, I was horrified.
It was a hot August day, sun and all and during this time I had never felt so nervous in my life. Getting ready to start the first day of my third-grade year. In a place I had never been before surrounded by people I’ve never met, was the day that made me the positive minded person I am today. My mother took me to school that day, as we were walking to my class I could remember trying my hardest not to cry knowing that I wasn’t going to have my mom by my side for very much longer. When we finally got to the class and my mom had kissed my forehead and told me I would to great and make all new friends. Well at that time she was wrong, all eyes were on me as I stepped foot into the class that had already started. Feeling so embarrassed as I walked over to the teacher’s desk with tears in my eyes, I could hear kids whispering about me. Then came the moment where I had to stand in front of the class and tell everybody my name, where I came from,

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