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My Childhood Environment As a kid I always wondered why my mom was so over protective with me, or why she didn’t let me do a lot of things. My beliefs, interests and hobbies are what have shaped my environment the way it has been my whole life. Although most of my childhood I spent it in the safest environment which was home, I had a lot of thoughts as a kid. I lived questioning myself why things were the way they were. Why my mom never let me go out hang out with in my friend’s house, or why she never let me go play soccer at the park. As I grew up and got older and wiser, I now fully understand her unique responsibility as a mother, and her goal which was to build a safe environment for me and my brother. I was raised in the city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, by my mom and my 93-year old aunt, next to my older brother. I went from playing soccer outside on the streets barefooted, riding down in my bike through the whole block, climbing trees and crossing fences, and honestly I am grateful for that. I truly prefer to live a childhood with ups and downs, with blood and scars, and full of extraordinary memories that are hard to forget, than in today's kids environment full of technology and simply not as fun. I learned a lot of things as a kid with all my childhood remembrance. I…show more content…
It is your childhood, it is everything you are going to be in life. It shapes you into who you are gonna become in life and how people are gonna see you. You can easily tell who was raised right and who was raised wrong. Not everyone is lucky enough to be raised in a nice environment. Thankfully, my mom raised me the right way to become the person I am today. She shaped me into an educated, well mannered, and extremely grateful son. The goal of every childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to

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