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As a little girl, I always dreamed of being in the medical field. This early focus helped me decide to take a CNA course and become certified as a nursing assistant. This class then inspired me more to my goal of becoming a trauma nurse. This job will be enough to provide support for my family and make me happy. These things drive me to push myself harder so that I can be given that opportunity. Because of my parents, I have been lucky enough to watch them live a happy successful life, but I was also able to see that it comes with hard work. I knew the road to achieving that wasn’t going to be easy. In order to succeed in my dream career, I will need to get a full education by graduating from college and medical school, which will be a challenge. Growing up on a farm has made me learn what it means to work for what I get and appreciate the little things. I know better than to give up when things get hard and one of the biggest things I learned was just about nothing goes the way you planned them too. So, as I get close to the starting point in college, I know…show more content…
I have modeled my leadership in many ways. One way I take a lot of pride in is being the team captain for basketball and softball. On the court and on the field I’m always being positive and very encouraging. I always push my teammates to be the best they can and show them that the battles they are facing are a test of their true character. When I’m out of sports I show a great deal of integrity. I stay dedicated not only during season but in my off season as well, which sets a good example for my teammates and underclassmen. Along with being a team captain, I have assisted in helping youth sports. Being involved in youth sports have made me learn that no matter what I’m doing children will always be looking up to me. Because of that I try to be the best version of myself in and out of sports that I can possibly

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