Essay On My Dream In Life

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Every dream has a story, and every fulfilled dream has an endeavor.
–Pamidi Aparna
I remember the day as if it were yesterday, during my 3rd grade in school. I saw a man in the computer lab, who was a teacher in high school, but was substituted to us for a couple of days. He said he is a magician and would like to perform tricks for us with the help of his assistant “the computer”. He typed our names and inserted some pictures and displayed with astonishing affects, "Wow, this is magic!" I exclaimed as I read 'Aparna ' on the screen. While I realized intuitively that a complex version of this elementary graphics could achieve much, at the time I had no real idea. That was the first time my love for computer initiated I decided that I will follow my dream i.e to excel in “COMPUTER SCIENCE”.
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"With this fascination I took MPC(Math, Physics and Chemistry) in my Intermediate Education, this was my first step towards my dream and here I managed to score 92% and came among the top-ranked students list of the state. With the same zeal for Computers, I gave my EAMCET which is the State Entrance Examination for Under-Graduation program and ranked 26883 out of 400,000 candidates. This achievement marked my way to one of the most prestigious college in the state where I pursuit my Under-Graduate Program in field of Information Technology.
In college, I always enjoyed long hours in the labs. It gave me the opportunity to correlate theory to practical phenomena. This in turn gave me a better understanding of the subject and newer lines of thinking. During the course of my study, I developed keen interest in the different areas of computer’s like Computer Networks, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Data Mining and Data Warehouse and my latest seminar on the ‘Operating Systems’ has been appreciated by my Associate Professor. I managed a very good academic record with
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