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Repeated practices are something that make everyone’s family unique and separate from everyone else’s. For example, I do not have a typical family of both biological parents in the home, but it is a mix of being traditional and blended. Not everyone’s families are the typical family who has both biological parents, and I do not have either which is absolutely alright with me. In my immediate family I would consider my mother and stepfather as the caretakers. Another family member who has made a big impact on my life would be my brother who has a big age gap from me, and his daughter who is my niece. Now that I am in college, I have come to value two family rituals that are essential in my life: dinner before football and our routine of sharing…show more content…
Significant life events would have to be a major event that has made my life worthwhile. Not only the big events have shown my parents ' interest in my life, but it also shows that they are supportive. For instance, my family is open to hearing about anything and there is little that they are limited to discussing. One thing that has taken a toll on my family about sharing significant or insignificant details about the day is getting closer to know what is going on in our lives with how we are acting and the reasons everyone does certain things in life. One moment where this ritual has taken a major effect on my life was when I was able to share any of my milestones that changed my life. For example, being offered an amazing opportunity that can change my life and will take some time in my life. Sharing this news to my family made it even more special for this reason why this ritual can continue every day. Reflecting on everyday connections emerge out of increasingly patterned interactions, which can develop implicitly (Galvin 119). Sharing our daily routines makes these rituals even more special because it allows me to still live in my family 's moments. This ritual has been special to me in many instances because I feel like it is something that is worthwhile for a lifetime. For the most part, I have a close relationship with my family and there is not a whole lot of information which my family is

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