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Do you like a football? Do you have a favorite football player? I like it very much and have my favorite football player, Kosuke Ota who elected a member of the national football team. So his play style is so cool, I was fascinated with him immediately when I first watched him. Let me explain how he became a football player and how he got success.
He was born in Yokohama, in July 23 in 1987 and grew up in Machida, Tokyo. He would play soccer every day for a long time because the area is enthusiastic about soccer. His dream in those days was to be a professional soccer player. When he was an elementary school student, he played soccer not only practice days four days a week ,but also days which he had no lesson. Then he knew the fun of soccer. As a student in the upper grade, he was a selected member in that area and had met many rivals. Come to think of it, he says “ It was the first awareness about being a professional player. zBut as he went on to a junior high school student, he was suffering from an injury, Spondylolysis. He could not play soccer at all for six months. While he was such a bad condition , he had to go to a ground and just sit out the practice. Perhaps he had something to do but did nothing. He says, “I had done something able to do at that time, I would have more option to become a soccer player.” He has regrets about it even now. And also he failed in the test of joining a pro team of U-18. He experienced many setbacks. He temporarily gave up becoming

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