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Most people have a place that just feels like home as well as one that provides a sense of exhilaration and fun. For me, this is the ice arena. Our local hockey rink, known as CIHA, brings out the best in me. The arena gives me confidence, passion, and competitive spirit. This is where I feel like I am at home.

One reason I love the ice arena is because it is the place where I play hockey. I've loved hockey ever since I was four. I remember the first time I got on the ice. As soon as I took my first stride, feeling like I was floating through the air, I knew I wanted to play hockey all the way through the collegiate level. All hockey players loves something about the sport. For me, I cherish the adrenaline rush that hockey
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I met one of my hockey friends named Zack when I was nine. Zack and I are still good friends today, and fortunately for us, we usually end up on the same team together. One thing that holds our friendship together is our shared love and passion for hockey. We both care about the game and work to get better at it. I remember when we were on the same team and we had a tournament in Walker. Therefore, due to our distance from our homes, our families had decided to stay at a hotel room. Zack and I had so much fun watching TV and playing knee hockey in my hotel room. His siblings and parents were ducking and dodging to try not to get hit with knee hockey balls. Another friend I met was named Nathaniel who also shares a love and passion for hockey with me. He also knows what he is doing when it comes to hockey strategies. Nathaniel and I had first met when I was eleven and, luckily, we still are good friends today. Zack and Nathaniel are only a couple of my hard working, hockey playing friends on my team. When our team plays hockey we for a bond as strong as brothers. We all eat, sleep, and breath hockey together. As we play hockey we form a strong bond like a family. This must happen in order to be a true hockey
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