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When asked to name my favorite places, I came up blank. How do you evaluate a location without a specific set of guidelines? What does it mean to be a favorite? A favorite memory? Or a place that you would love to go back to again and again? Or the experience that taught you the most? So, instead of choosing, I decided to name a place or each category. PLACE I WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK TO Paris- well, more specifically, the Musee D'Orsay. I had the opportunity to study abroad in 2016 and was able to visit a grand total of 11 countries in those 4 months. My favorite museum to visit was the D'Orsay out of, quite frankly, an absurd number of museums that I went to. It's what I do when I travel. I go see museums and art. You can tell a lot about a culture based on what it finds worthy of display, of saving. Whether…show more content…
So, when a relative was getting married, we all had to go back to be there. Now, this wedding, the reason for us being there, is not my favorite memory. But it is the reason that we were on Long Island during the summer of my fourth grade year. My favorite memory is of the beach- the cold, empty Long Island beach where our family was the only group out that day. The entire beach was our domain, the sand perfect for intimate sand castles forgotten for the cold waves of the sea, the sand dunes blocking sight to the parked car, the pure emptiness and fullness of the place. It was almost magical. My uncle took all of the kids out and had us body surfing. The distant relatives, well the ones my age, taught us how to keep track of the rip tide and stay safe. the pure joy of the coldness, the freshness of the water that can only be captured by memory. It is a place imagined and created in the memory, a place that would most likely be disappointing upon return, but a place that captured the joy and innocence of childhood along with the warmth of

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