Essay On My Favourite Mistake

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My favorite mistake is one that I didn’t even consider a mistake at the time, maybe more of a mishap, or just one part of a long series of unfortunate events. But, looking at it in hindsight, I can tell you it was a mistake, definitely a mistake. It occurred on a beautiful, warm Saturday in May; school had just ended and life was looking up as summer was fast approaching with its promise of fun and sunshine. I was spending this gorgeous day with my mom and grandma out shopping for my brother’s graduation party, which was to occur the next day.; and, wWe had just walked out of the Chesterfield Valley Olive Garden when I had the brilliant idea of convincing my mom to let me drive home. I had just gotten my permit about a week ago, and didn’t…show more content…
He of course drove it home to save my mother and me I the anxiety, but we learned later that there was no substantial damage to the car, and my father fixed the cosmetic issues and later did exactly what he was intending to do in the first place;, he flipped it for more money than he bought it for.
This was the first car accident that I have ever been in that I had some part in causing, and for some (large) amount of months following I refused to get in the driver’s seat of a car. I saw the mistake as the end of my driving career, and my mother was quite okay with me not driving. But, the rest of my family was a bit more stubborn, and I was back driving just under a year later, much to my and my mother’s dismay.
Looking back on it, I don’t regret what happened or that I took so long to start driving again. I will never drive a GMC Envoy again, but the mistake taught me all that I could ever want to know about being in an accident, the intricacies of before, during, and after will forever be ingrained into my brain. And taking a long leave from driving allowed me to regain my confidence, meaning that I was no longer a danger to society when I was behind the
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