My Future As A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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My Future as a Nurse Practitioner 1 Take a moment to imagine yourself in a hospital or a clinic. Have you ever wondered who is taking care of almost all of the patients in a medical facility, all at the same time? That person is a nurse practitioner, or an NP. Besides administering medication, treatments, diagnosing patients, and performing small outpatient surgeries, it is an NP’s job to treat all of their patients with love and care. Doing this makes their patients feel like family, so they will trust their NP to properly care for them. I chose this occupation because I am a compassionate and nurturing person who loves to help and encourage people. In addition to this, find the medical field extremely intriguing. I feel as though this will be a very pleasurable occupation for me. Being a nurse practitioner is an exciting career choice with many benefits and opportunities, including responsibilities, salary, and rewarding feelings. 2 An NP is a practitional nurse who records a patient 's symptoms, diagnoses and prescribes patients with the proper medication that is needed. They operate and monitor medical equipment, perform physical exams, record a patient 's response to certain medications, and conduct various amounts of research (Bureau of…show more content…
15 The professional organization for NP’s is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (Nurse Practitioner). Many employers of NP’s like to see that their prospective employers are members of this professional organization. 3 These employers include, hospitals, family or small clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies, and rehabilitation clinics. 6 Since NP’s provide most of the same services as a physician, they are very sought after in the medical field. An NP can be hired in a new position and immediately begin seeing patients. The longer that an NP remains in their career, the more income they will
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