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For as long as I can remember, I have known I wanted to be a doctor. I know I want to spend my career helping as many people as I can. I started babysitting when I became a teenager and realized I love being around children. This led to the conclusion that my future career should be as a Pediatrician. I have many goals for my future and have the motivation and passion to achieve all of them. As a Senior in High School, applying to and getting accepted into college is currently one of my main focuses. My number one choice is BYU-Hawaii, where I will major in Biology as they do not offer a pre-medicine program. If I do not get accepted, then I will attend Concordia University Portland, where I will major in pre-medicine. To prepare for college, I have continued to challenge myself with a full schedule and difficult classes. This year I am taking Anatomy and Physiology to gain a background knowledge in my future studies. My short-term goals include raising my GPA and graduating High School as a Scholar of Distinction. Currently, I am a…show more content…
As I mentioned before, I am planning to study and prepare for medical school while attending University. Once I graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in either Biology or Pre-Medicine, I will be attending medical school. A plethora of people seem to be intimidated by the idea of eight years of schooling, but this excites me. I have a passion for education, especially when I am interested in what I am learning. The topic of healthcare is extremely interesting, so I know I will enjoy my academic journey. Specifically, I love learning about the body systems and how it all works together, as I am currently learning in Anatomy. I also love learning about how doctors and other healthcare practitioners are able to bring a sick person back to health. Once I graduate from medical school, I will start my residencies, become a board certified Pediatrician and eventually start

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