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What are plans? Why do we need plans and working on it? How important can someone life with a plan? These are the questions when we want to plan something. We hesitate our self and set our mind into failure. In order to be what we want we have to build our own stairways to our goals. In this paper, I would like to share about what am I going to be in the next Twenty years, and what are the obstacles I have to go through. What weapon will I use. Of course it is my plan that became my weapon. However, is it even true that we have to reach what we want rather than just following the current nor the flow that other made? It is clear as a future leader I should create my own flow and strive through any kind of problems.
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Like joining the President University Model United Nations (PUMUN), President University Student Union (PUSU), or so on. By joining PUMUN, I could practice myself as a good speaker because in this organization, we have to actively speak and eager to update with several issues that become the headlines nowadays. In this organization, I also could learn how the delegation runs and how to be a bright delegate with a good manner and behave. At least, I already have experience for myself before I really join the diplomatic world. Then, by joining the other organization like PUSU, I could learn leadership and how to manage my time wisely. It also helps me to reach my dream by becoming a discipline person.
After I graduated from President University later on, I want to get a job in the politic world so then it will also help me to reach my dream. Why I decided to be an employee than continuing my Master Degree? That is because I want to have some experience in an employee life and learn to be an independent woman. Besides, I also want to make my own money in order to reduce my parents’ burden. However, being an employee does not mean that I am giving up on my goals. I would like to work under the minister of foreign affairs, while actually learning by doing the

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