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My main goal in life would become a Veterinarian, and to help as many animals as I can. I will be the first one in my family to get a doctorate and to have a stable life as an adult. I also want to start giving back to my mom and show her how much I appreciate her. I plan to be attending Wayne state college this fall, to get my bachelors degree in biology. After I have accomplished this, I will then attend Iowa State University. While I am there I will work hard to get my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. I will study and work hard to make sure I pass every single one of my classes where ever I go. As of right now I am learning as much as I can online and through internships, about what goes on in veterinary medicine. I plan on doing everything…show more content…
I enjoy having to look after them, and I enjoy spoiling them. They also are teaching me to be more responsible. I swear they go to the vet more times than I go to the doctors. They have taught me to save for a rainy day, and how much cleaning I actually have to do on a daily/weekly basis. In return, I spoil them, and I continue to work hard. I work hard because I want to provide for them and give them the extra things they don 't need. I will continue to work hard, to provide for them, and I will work hard to make sure I graduate this year. I will work hard in college, to make sure I get my degree, so I can help out more animals and their owners. I will work hard to provide correct information on animals when people ask. I will work hard to achieve my goal, and have a good life and help my mom out with hers. My mom has had a hard life and I want nothing more than to make it easier on her. Getting my degree will help make it so she doesn 't have to worry about me anymore. After I graduate from South Sioux, I will have another eight years of school ahead of me. It will be hard, but I will graduate, and I will achieve my goals. I won 't give up, and I can 't worry about how much it costs, or how will I get there. I will

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