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I grew up in an environment where academics were not a priority on my list. My mom insisted that as long as I tried my best, nothing else mattered. Throughout middle school and the beginning of my high school years, I was convinced that my best was average. I was a C-student who spent most of his time in suspension, and I didn’t pay attention when I did go to class. However, my sophomore year led me to take a different perspective. Many factors influenced me, including witnessing my brother graduate with a 2.0 and fail out of college, which left him unclear of his future. I also dealt with my father going to jail, and thinking that I lost my family in a car accident. I knew I wanted to work in the health field since I was young, but I realized that could not be a reality unless I took control of my life. I applied to the HOSA program and was one of three juniors who were accepted. I used this opportunity to prove I could succeed academically if I tried, and earned nearly…show more content…
However, I have retaken my MCAT this past August, and recently was notified I have improved my score by eight points to a 507. I believe a more competitive score is vital to proving the capability of accomplishing the coursework required of a medical student. I have also taken this time to accompany the ChenMed team on a medical mission trip to Nejapa, Nicaragua. During this trip I was able to continue my passion of global care, and gained more shadowing experiences with new practices. These past few years have had many stressful complications that I have accepted, resolved, and grown from. I have learned to cope with my stress by staying physically active, helping others, and partaking in hobbies listed previously. By learning from my mistakes and adapting to the circumstances of life, I know that I am mentally prepared to begin my journey into medical
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