Mask Essay: My Role Model

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Mask Essay

Through the process of creating my mask, I became more aware of who I am. I learned that I am more than just a reflection of the things I like or of the things I do. My mask reflects many things about me; however, some of the items that are of greater influence into who I am are my family, they are great influence of who I am. My role model Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The skatepark is a big thing of who I am. A huge accomplishment in my life is when I made the Nebc Trackers. Being Canadian has truly shaped me into who I am today.
My family is very important to me. They are always with me and constantly encourage me through all my activities. My dad Rob, is the most influential to me because he is a coach to me and he pushes me in
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One of the big reasons Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a great role model. Is because he always is training and playing hockey and that's what I love to do. He also a great influence I wanted to be just like him when I was younger. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is also a great leader on and off the ice, he's good to the media and all his teammates. He always wants to be carrying the puck and he scores lots of goals and points. Hes also encouraging, he showed that by working and trying to get better every day you can accomplish anything you want in…show more content…
I wouldn't wish to live anywhere else other than Canada. I love the feeling when you go to a different country and people ask where you are from. When you say Canada they just look amazed. Lots of Americans love Canadians, they think we have a accent but i don't think so. I love all the sports Canada participates in. What it means for me to be Canadian is that we a caring for one another and we help other countries out when in need. I think that is great and it really brings our country together.
Overall I really think the mask project helped myself find my passions and who shaped me into who I am today. I'm a great kinesthetic learner and all my sports show that. I'm always trying learn new thing but always trying get better at old things. Before this project started I didn't know all the things about myself that I do now. I also learned a lot more stuff influence me of who I become than more than just things I like. It was a fun project and I wish to have more exciting projects throughout the

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