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What a year this has been! Here I stand at the completion of my master’s degree program and I feel like I have accomplished so much. This year has been challenging to say the least. The demands of balancing teaching in the classroom each day and working on course work each night seemed impossible, but I did it. I reached my goal and now there are so many opportunities ahead for me. My Walden University Master’s degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy has benefitted me personally, academically and professionally.
Achieving a graduate degree was always a personal goal for me. I have two daughters in college that are watching me closely. This accomplishment demonstrates the importance of higher education and how it is achieved through focused determination. What a great example this is for my daughters. My husband has been such a great support to me and this accomplishment has given me more appreciation of him. For me, it is about overcoming the circumstances of my childhood. I was not in a position to attend college when I
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My principal asked me if I had considered leadership as the next step in my career. It was a great compliment to know that she saw the leader in me. I have thought about administration many times, but I knew that I needed to earn a master’s degree in order to be eligible for advancement. Now that I have my master’s degree, I have a clearer vision of my future career. In fact, I have an administrative internship position waiting for me now. The application assignments that I completed as part of my coursework increased my confidence in my ability to be an effective leader. More importantly, I gained a great wealth of knowledge about the art of teaching that helped me grow as a teacher. I will be able to lead teachers more effectively by improving myself and my professional practice. Earning my master’s degree from Walden certainly helped me grow as a teaching

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