Essay On My Maths Teacher

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It takes a great teacher to make a lasting impression and my Maths teacher certainly left one with me. Maths has always been a struggle for me and it wasn’t until 5th year that I fell in love with the subject. This was all down to the enthusiasm and passion my maths teacher portrayed in each class. Maths questions would make her so excited. She would bounce into the classroom every day always with a smile on her face and this enthusiasm was contagious. She also developed a relationship with the class and there was always a positive, comfortable atmosphere to her classes. At a time when I had such low confidence in my ability to do Maths, she was able to change my view on how I approached the subject. I someday hope to be as good a teacher…show more content…
The majority of students find it boring and difficult. More often than not, I get asked the question, when will we ever need to know this? In all my lessons, I take this on board and my aim is to be enthusiastic and make the students see maths in a different light. My goal as a teacher is to inspire my students, like my maths teacher inspired me and ignite a love for maths in them. Parker Palmer’s The Heart of a Teacher: Identity and Integrity in Teaching had an impact on my idea of what it means to be a teacher. The main points Palmer highlights are what it means to be a great teacher and make a lasting impression in a student; we must teach from who we are and connect with students. I can relate to this as building a relationship with students and a comfortable atmosphere is important in my teaching. Good teaching develops from connections with students and content. When I think back to my placement and reflect on what I wanted to achieve the most, it was to connect with my students and build a relationship. The relationships I had with my teachers from school have clearly had a direct effect on me. Students can tell exactly how you are feeling by the way you act in class and it can be hard to hide these emotions. When I teach material that
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