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My experience with cell phones especially with the rapid changes in technology and evolutions is quite interesting. The evolution that has started with replacing regular cell phones with smart phones in a very short time is remarkable. Since I am not a techy person, my transition from a regular Nokia phone to an iPhone was so challenging. Initially, I have struggled with the touch screen, the basic setups and the many functionality that I do not think I can let go anymore.
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When I was a little girl, I remember that the only way of communication was through the old lan line phones available in the some homes and not all. And to call from outside the home I used to use the cabin phones or phones in supermarkets which will
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Then Motorola, Nokia and Ericson phones started to get in the market and everyone was really so excited about cell phones. Even though it never looked as fancy as the current smart phones especially in comparison to the big ones with antennas but still it made an notable change among the globe. My first cell phone, was Nokia 8210 which I got when I was in grade 11 as a gift because of my grades. It was a cute little blue Nokia with no antenna and I only used it for calling and texting my family or friends. Calling from cell phone during that time was not very common because of the cost of the calls. It was so much expensive in comparison to the calling from home. While texting was very popular but still it was very limited as not all people had cell phones. This is in addition to that coverage issues was not always available and not in all places, so sometimes using cell phone get frustrating. Then blackberry start getting the attention of everybody with its new option of being able to create instant texting (chatting). It was so much in demand mainly by young people just for the fun of chatting. All phones Nokia, Ericson and Blackberry were very plain and everything was in black and white with no fancy
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