Essay On My Native American Heritage

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Diversity Role Written Assignment My Native American Heritage Texas State University COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication Mitra Rahimi Living with a Native American Heritage My name is Mitra Rahimi; I am 18 years old and I am of Native American heritage. According to the Native American Heritage Month website, the United States established November as Native American Heritage in 1990. Establishing it as a national month, has given me a lot of pride knowing it is a unique thing to be Native American and it is something that my people deserve to be happy about. I was raised in a mixed culture household, American and Native American. My mother being of Choctaw descent, she taught my brother and I the cultural aspects of our…show more content…
The American Diabetes Association defines Type 1 Diabetes as the fact that your pancreas can no longer produce insulin on its own. I have to inject myself with insulin pens every day and monitor my blood glucose level intake. It is hard to eat certain foods at the dining halls being a type 1 diabetic because I have to make sure there is not too much gluten in the food. (Question 4). Just like every other American, I love to experience new and fun things. My favorite things to do is similar to every other teen, I love to hang out with friends, eat delicious food, sleep, watching movies on Netflix, draw creative things, and read books every now and then. I want to experience and go through life with no regrets and an open mind. My Native American heritage doesn’t stop me to love certain things, it opens me to new things. Through my Native American heritage, I’ve grown to love very cultural bracelets, foods, and designs. I hope this assignment makes people more mindful of others and helps people realize that everybody in life wants one thing, to be treated the same. We cannot judge people of their heritage, sex, skin color, gender preference, etc. People deserve to be happy and should be allowed to share their happiness with others and not be worried about what others think of
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