Essay On My Own Car

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It was the spring I turned sixteen, I was full of excitement that I had gotten my license. I wanted to drive around wherever I went. I had just gotten a job and could not wait to be able to drive myself around. The only problem was that I did not have my own car, if I went to work, school, or to hang out with my friends I had to borrow my parent’s car. In the beginning, this was not a problem because my parent's schedules and mine rarely came into conflict. Once the summer began I started to get busier with work and my extracurricular activities, I started to need the car everyday. Therefore I decided that I needed to convince my parents that I should get my own car. The rhetoric terms helped me gain permission from my parents to buy my own car.

Before asking my parents, I knew I needed to research how much a car, insurance, and maintenance would be to show my parents that I was serious about wanting to buy my own car. After I did my research I knew I needed to wait until both my parents were together and in good moods to ask them. Therefore I waited until it was a Friday, so that both my parents would be more relaxed knowing that they did not have to go to work for a couple of days. Another reason I knew it was a good time was because lately, they had grown weary of me asking to use their car, especially when they needed the car for
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Since I used timing, logic, and emotions I was able to convince my parents that I was mature and ready to buy my own car. They were impressed with my research and responsibility of saving my money for so long. Lastly, they knew that it would not only benefit me in owning my own car but it also would be convenient for them not to have to worry about me not having a car to go to work or school. The rhetoric terms, when used together form a convincing argument, which helped me get my own
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