Essay On My Passion For Education

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There is this famous saying, ''Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow". I could not agree more. Growing up as a kid, I vividly recall myself always being enthusiastic to learn and explore. Now I stand on the state where I can proudly say that this passion has driven my growth, motivated me to grow even further and augmented my hunger for quality education. Recalling my childhood, I always used to stay puzzled whenever somebody asked what I wanted to be in the future. Maybe because unlike other kids, I could not quite say that I would want to be a Doctor or Pilot, because my heart did not say that. Gradually while growing up, I was very much interested in science, mathematics and other science programs and I always wanted to participate. I even got prize for presenting the best science experiment at class 9. I did well in my academics and I completed my school education with 89% for which I got Gold Medal as well. After my schooling, I had determined that I will study science and accordingly I chose Science Programs in my High School. During high…show more content…
Industrial sector are mostly benefitted as many industries have started thereafter. Many hydro-power projects are still running and new are being set up in order to soothe the load shedding problem of my country. After the promulgation of new constitution these sectors are booming. When I return back to my country Nepal after my M.S. degree I can use my skills and knowledge in these places and do my part in order to serve country and countrymen. Currently, only few hundred Mechanical Engineers are present in my country and among these most are from India and abroad. Nepal needs the professional mechanical engineer for its fledgling industrial sector, hydro-power sector as well as academic sector and I am sure that I will be one of the members of the people who participate in this
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