Why I Want To Study Art

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SOP Taking a journey in art is walking on a path that never ends. Art is an uncompromised, satirical and beautiful gateway to the world and the history of mankind. Art is not only beautiful, impressive or aesthetical, it is a testimony of the historical patrimony, which is why I want to study History of Art. For those who have chosen art, it is not a career or a hobby, but a passion, it is a way of life. My interest in art goes back to my childhood. At such a tender age, the beauty of art was so fascinating to me. Bright in art, in a way that I was honored and won several art contests. Winning both local and nation-wide competitions in the country and being people’s choice of honor in other contests made me shine through the younger society…show more content…
Moreover, based upon the knowledge I gained from the courses I passed, I published many articles.(name?) At college, classes were a broad range of learning experiences that helped to stimulate the development of my technical, creative and analytical abilities. Through sheer hard work and excellent tutoring, by the help of some of the well-known professors as Mahmood Tavoosi, Habib Allah Ayatollahi, or Akbar Alemi, I learned to develop my own personal style. Due to the fact that I was interested in the group activities, I sat up some group painting exhibitions, workshops, and also festivals with the other artists. I gained not only the tremendous experience, but also abundant honors, including the audience award winner, first winner in the painting competition, and so forth. I also published some of my paintings in the Mazandaran Modern artist book. Therefore, there is no doubt that I can work within a group effectively and can collaborate very well with the others. I also manage my time effectively and can meet deadlines when…show more content…
Considering United States’ appetite for art, I chose there as my destination. On the other hand, United States’ enriched cultural society, affirmed my initial fascination with this country and the tremendous opportunities that its universities offer students with different background captivates my mind and ambitions. These unique circumstances motivated me to apply for a Ph.D. degree in art history, which holds a highly-regarded position among academic institutes worldwide. In a word, this program would lead me to a future in which I have a wider range of possibilities either to continue my education for a post-doctorate degree or achieve a more unique and functional method to use art in quest of a specific target in numerous domains. Since I studied English literature in university, my proficiency in English can also facilitate my life as a committed artist in the United States. In conclusion, what I most certainly would obtain by studying Art History in …., is not only formal education in a field that has interested me for a long time, but also an effective way to develop my knowledge and abilities so that I could be more well-informed and competent, both in research and practical areas. I am aware that joining

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