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Introduction Personal culture is an important aspect that affects the way people handle issues. They reflect what a person is made of. Personal culture comprises the overall growth of an individual. I have been brought up in a modern society. As far as I can remember, the family lineage was strictly Christian. My religious background has played a pivotal role in my life. The foundation of my current personality is based on such values. My culture, therefore, is based on religious practices. I was brought up in an urban setting with a multicultural society. As a child, my curiosity mainly focused on understanding why people are so different. Why all the races? This provided a strong foundation on which I have built my personal culture. My understanding of cultural diversity came very early in my life. I have lived in an open society with no distinct social classes. It is a multicultural society with inhabitants from different continents. I have come to appreciate those whom we do not share the same background. The discoveries I made enticed me to continue exploring more about cultural diversity. Unknowingly, that is how I achieved my personal…show more content…
They end up disliking the whole culture just because of that single cultural activity. According to my understanding, all cultures are meaningful and important. There is no superior or universal culture that can be recommended for those with inferior versions. The only difference is that some cultures allow some activities that are considered immoral universally. Therefore, judging a whole community based on a single cultural activity practiced by a few members of such a community is wrong. In every society, there are some members of the community who are evil; they hide in their outdated cultural practices to commit crime. What they seek is protection from

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